Winter storm – March 4-5, 2015

Conference call with OHX just concluded.  Here’s the Cliffnotes version:

– Few changes to previous forecast as modeling has changed.

– Moisture will be building today.

– Best rain chances are tomorrow morning through tomorrow afternoon.

– Expect the rain to change to a wintry mix tomorrow afternoon, beginning in the NW counties.

– Expecting major travel impacts tomorrow evening and into Thursday.

– Very cold temps roll in Thursday.  Expect those travel impacts to hold into Friday.

– Freezing rain threat is minimal…may .10″.

– Forecasted snow AND sleet accums: 4-6″ across the NW and Upper Cumberland Plateau.  2-4″ everywhere else.  Lowest accums will be across the far SE counties.

– Travel impacts will steadily go downhill through the day across the midstate.

– Most folks will probably not be able to get to work on Thursday.

– Expected changeover time: 12p-3p across the NW counties; 3-8″ in Nashville, 8-12a across the southern I-24 corridor.

Modeling is still in a state of flux and these details can (and probably will change).  Stay tuned to your favored reliable weather source.