What’s up with the weekend snow???

As stated yesterday, snow in December is extremely hard to come by as climatology argues against it.  The upper level jet streams are in a position of flux as the Polar High strengthens in advance of the oncoming winter and the Subtropical High retreats.  In this type of scenario, we don’t usually get that nice shot of arctic air from the north.  Take a look at this picture…

jet streams

Notice in the “winter” illustration, the colder air is more expansive and in the “summer” illustration, the warmer air is more expansive.  Concerning this weekend’s system, there’s not enough cold air coming in behind the surface low pressure, despite a near-perfect storm track.

What’s the bottom line, you ask?  We can expect some rain late Friday into Saturday.  Some of the rain early Saturday *could* mix in with some wet snow and *could* end as some light snow Saturday evening, which shouldn’t amount to anything.  Climatology wins again, and yes, I’m a sore loser.




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