Here’s a brief outlook at this weekend’s forecast.  Several of you have asked about the MTSU game on Saturday, and I’ve also fielded questions about the soccer tournament at Siegal Park.  The answer to both questions can be given with one word…wet. But, HOW wet is it going to be.  No way to know for sure and short-range data isn’t helping.

Here’s a shot of the NAM Hi-Res simulated radar reflectivity, valid for 7pm Saturday night…



Notice how there’s virtually no rain anywhere close to our area.  Next up, is the 12z NAM composite reflectivity, valid for 7pm Saturday…


Notice anything different?  Yeah, me too….a shed-ton of rain.  Last, but not least, is the medium-range 12z GFS 700mb relative humidity, valid for 7pm Saturday…


While not wholly indicative of rain, it does indicate a lot of moisture in the air around 7pm.  Unfortunately, this will have to be a wait-and-see kind of game as it pertains to this weekend’s rain chances.  Model data isn’t conclusive at all and some folks might not even see a drop.  However, most of us will at the very least see SOME rain falling during our respective sport-spectating activities Saturday night.  I’ll be at the game Saturday, but my seat will be high and dry inside the Tower.  Just be weather-aware and come prepared with appropriate raingear.


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