What’s in a disaster kit?

Several have asked about what does a good, short-term disaster kit contain.  Thinking this could go well over 140 characters, I’ll list them here on the blog.  This isn’t an all-inclusive list and your kit will obviously have things that are more important to you than they would be to others, but this is a good start.  This “kit” can be kept in a plastic tub near your safe place, or even in your safe place if you’re so inclined.

#1 – Several bottles of water

#2 – Several cans of non-perishable food (w/manual can opener)

#3 – Multiple flashlights w/several changes of batteries

#4 – Well-stocked first aid kit

#5 – A whistle or noisemaker used to call for help

#6 – Battery-operated radio/TV you can use to keep up-to-date with whats going on around you

#7 – Those with children should include powdered formula and extra clothes

#8 – Extra cash and travelers checks

#9 – Several days worth of prescription medication, extra pair of glasses, or other health aids

Again, this list is not inclusive and should be considered for short-term only.  A long-term disaster kit will obviously contain much more than this, such as a mess kit (paper plates, cups, spoons, etc), plastic bags, and personal sanitation items.  Chances are you won’t need to utilize this short-term kit, but it’s always a good practice to be prepared.  


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