Storm threat at the beginning of next week

Just concluded a conference call with the NWS.  Here’s the highlights:

– This system is slow-moving and will send numerous lobes of upper-lvel energy our way.

– There will be multiple rounds of severe weather between Sunday afternoon and early Wednesday morning, which means severe storms during the day AND at night a possibility.

– At this juncture, it’s difficult to nail down specifics, but it appears as though all modes of severe weather (straightline winds, hail, tornadoes) will be possible.

– Along with the storm threat, there is a flash flooding threat, as well.  We can expect 1.5-3″ (maybe even 4-5″, if the Weather Prediction Center were to be believed) before the system departs.

– We don’t want to overhype the details (or potential) of this system because they’re highly fluid and dependent upon how the storms develop and evolve.  Sundays storm evolution will affect Mondays storms…Mondays storms will affect Tuesdays, etc.

More info as it becomes available.


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