Winter weather update

Just concluded a conference call with NWS Nashville, and here are the highlights:

– Model uncertainty remains, with temperature profiles within the atmosphere being the main hiccup.  A degree or two either way can – and often does – have huge implications on precipitation type across the area.

– Current thinking is, the favored “snow belt” of Tennessee (areas NW of Nashville from Camden-to-Big Sandy-to-Clarksville-to-Portland) stands the best shot at measurable snowfall.

– The surface freezing line will takes it sweet time reaching us from KY.  Maybe it’s enjoyed a little too much Kentucky bourbon during it’s pre-Super Bowl party.  Somebody find it a designated driver.

– It appears that from the CURRENT model data, the predominant precip type for areas along I-40 will be ice.  Again, every degree will make a difference, so that could change later this afternoon/evening.

– Expect ice accumulations up to 1/4″ and some minor sleet accumulations.  Ground temps are relatively warm, but exposed surfaces will be the first to glaze up.  Travel could be an absolute mess come Monday morning.  However, anything that does fall will be gone by Monday afternoon as temps moderate.

Stay tuned for further updates as they happen.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


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