Winter returns Sunday night into Monday

Here’s the latest and greatest concerning our much bally-hooed winter precip chances for Sunday night/Monday morning:

– We will have a frontal passage Saturday night that will start the conveyor belt of colder air into the area.

– Expect a sloppy day Sunday with light to moderate rain.  No frozen precip is expected until Sunday evening.

– As the sun sets, we can expect a transition from all liquid to a frozen precip event, starting to our west and working it’s way east.

– Our neighbors to the north stand the best shot at seeing snow.  NWS Nashville expects 1-2″ for them.

– Along and south of the I-40 corridor, expect more of a “wintry mix”.  There could be periods of freezing rain, sleet, and snow…possibly all three at the same time.  Accumulations will be light, but when ice is the predominant precip type, it doesn’t take much to ruin your evening.

– This appears to be a Winter Weather Advisory-level event, which means the maximum amount of frozen precip will be 1-3″ of snow, < 1/4″ of sleet and < 1/4″ of ice.  That does not mean we’ll see that much.  Those are only *potential* levels of accumulation.

– Areas along the TN/AL border could see nothing but a cold rain.

– Looking ahead, we could see some light snow showers Wednesday behind our next storm system and more snow showers behind another storm system next weekend, but that’s way too far out in Fantasyland to be concerned about.

This is not shaping up to be a debilitating weather event by any stretch of the imagination, but since it’s arriving on Super Bowl Sunday, there’s going to be folks out and about, each and every one of them affected by a slightly different level of sobriety.  If you choose to venture out, just be aware that when you come out of whatever viewing venue you choose, the footing could be a bit slick.

The NWS emphasized that this is a low-confidence forecast.  It could trend warmer and it could very well trend colder, each direction having an effect on who see’s what and how much.  We’ll have another conference call on Sunday, followed by another update right here.  If model data changes drastically, we’ll pass it along. 


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