Update on our winter weather event Sunday

Just concluded a conference call with our NWS office concerning the upcoming winter weather event Sunday.  Here’s the highlights:

Updated snowfall amounts:



– Frontal passage late Saturday will bring rain to the area.  Behind this front will be bitterly cold Arctic air.

– On Sunday, the rain will transition to a sleet mix, then quickly to a snow event.  Changeover will more than likely occur around 12p at the TN River and closer to 6p near the Plateau.

– Our snowfall amounts will generally fall in the 1-3″ range.  Higher amounts near the KY/TN border and lower amounts near the AL/TN border.  The snow will be a powdery type of snow, which means snowballs and snowmen will be hard to fashion.  On the flip side, the powdery stuff will be quick to accumulate.  With the bitterly cold air funneling in, I’m not sure if letting the kids outside to play is a good idea, so snowmen and snowball fights should be fairly low on the “To-Do” list.

– Overall the forecast is trending colder.  Forecast HIGHS for Nashville Monday look to be 10*.  If there is snowcover on the ground, there’s no way that happens.  We could be looking at single digit highs for Monday.  

– Wind chills are going to be just a wee bit chilly… -10 to -15 Monday morning.  In the event school IS in session Monday, please don’t let your children stand outside waiting for the bus.  Do what you have to do to sit with them in the car at the bus stop or take them on to school.

Take the time now to prep your home for the incoming Siberian motherlode: wrap vulnerable pipes in crawl spaces, close foundation vents, disconnect garden hoses, leave faucets dripping.  The only thing worse than having a pipe break is having to either 1) crawl under the house to fix said pipe, or 2) pay someone to fix said pipe.


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