Storm Update

OK, things just got real. 

Storm Prediction Center has added us to their MODERATE risk area.  Our severe weather potential, while it has always been present, has risen sharply given the latest model data.  The main threat looks to be damaging winds, but the potential for tornadoes has increased.  We’re not looking for a tornado outbreak – at least in our geographical area, but conditions are such that any storm that arrives will carry with it a chance to produce a tornado.  Take the time now to fashion an emergency plan and know what you’re going to do in the event a tornado warning is issued for your area.

Now some maps…

SPC Day 1 Convective Outlook




The western half of the county has been included in the SPC’s “Significant Tornado Risk” area.  While this DOES NOT mean a significant tornado is expected, it only means that atmospheric parameters are such that a significant tornado is POSSIBLE.  

Here’s a close up of both risk categories from the SPC…



I urge everyone that reads this to monitor weather trends throughout the day.  Find yourself a reliable media source that you can readily listen to, then find another as a backup.  Heed any and all warnings that are issued by the National Weather Service today.


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