Update on Storms Next Week

As previously mentioned, the mid MS Valley is under the gun for a potential severe weather outbreak by the middle of next week.  Several different players are involved this potential event and they’re all suited up…we just don’t know exactly where they’re going to play.  Confounding matters is the fact that one of the two more prominent model suites we use is in it’s “dead zone”, in other words, it’s having a hard time determining where – or even how – each respective player will line up.  I fully believe, however, that this resolution problem will be resolved by the weekend.

While it is too early to determine storm magnitude, I will say that there could be a sizable tornado threat with this event, but where that threat area ends up being is determinate upon the respective players and how they end up lining up.  In my own personal opinion, anyone from Birmingham, AL northward to Ohio will be under the gun.  Please take the time NOW to review your disaster plan, change your batteries in your weather radios, and ensure you have multiple forms of media at your disposal to receive weather information.


One thought on “Update on Storms Next Week

  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks, great info.!

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